Saturday, 19 December 2015

The Excitement Is Building

We are well into the build up for Christmas here, today we welcomed a new friend into the house, his name is Prancer and you guessed it he is Olivia's Reindeer from Build-a-Bear!  She has waited three long years to own a reindeer, each year one appears on her Christmas List and each year we whispered to Santa that she has way too many soft toys.  At the third time of asking we agreed that she really was committed to having one and so she saved up her good work tokens and finally got enough tokens yesterday, but was sent home poorly from school and was super disappointed.  But today we made it to the Build-a-Bear shop and she was a very happy girl as she brought Prancer to life.  He was introduced to all the other soft friends on arriving home and seemed a bit exhausted so he is now snuggled up in bed with her.  Good luck Prancer you are so going to need it..........!

Here are Olivia's Christmas cards waiting to be written and sent to friends and family, a bit behind with these!  She created them at school and they had them printed by a company called Cauliflower Cards, very cute!  She is far more artistic than me, she loves telling everyone that Mum can't even draw a stick man!

I have also sent some of my cards out and this is one of my very favourites this year, very similar to one that appears in the Autumn/Winter Catalogue.

We have the Panto booked this week and it has become a bit of a tradition although we usually see it on Christmas Eve this year we are going the day before.  We will be heading to Bath on the train and catching the Matinee performance, it's such a beautiful theatre.

Have you wrapped up your gifts yet?  That's my big plan for tomorrow! The time is flying it will soon be Christmas.............

Belinda x